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Event Schedule

Welcome to The Fierce Connection Conference—a dynamic two-day event designed to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals. Throughout the event, you can expect a thoughtfully curated schedule featuring a range of engaging content including keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and a panel discussion. This event will provide opportunities to delve deep into specific areas of personal and professional development, ensuring you leave The Fierce Connection Conference equipped with the tools needed to thrive. 

Friday September 15

  • Session One 7pm-9pm

Saturday September 16

  • Session Two 9am-10:15am                                            

  • Break-Out Session 10:15am-11:15am                                     

  • Lunch 11:15pm-12pm                                          

  • Session Three 12pm-1pm                                             

  • Break-Out Session 1pm-1:45pm                         

  • Panel, Q & A and GiveAways 2pm-3pm

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